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Haemothorax – an emergency

Well Bob caused utter chaos in our little practice in Kinnegad yesterday! Of course I’m away in New York.. and one year old Bob; a golden retriever, presents in a critical condition with severe breathing difficulties. My team were doing a brilliant job diagnosing him when I called from the High Line walk in NYC […]

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Dog attack

Larry has stolen all of our hearts. He’s a little old man of twelve years. He was savagely attacked by an unknown dog and he was found at the back door with a life threatening wound to his chest wall. We had to do emergency surgery to restore the integrity of his intercostal muscles and […]

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Feline leukaemia

We’ve sadly had three cases of feline leukaemia confirmed in the clinic in our opening month. This is a virus that affects unvaccinated cats. It is spread by fighting and biting. Kittens can also be born with it as it can cross the placenta during pregnancy. This virus cannot affect humans. Feline leukaemia can cause […]

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Stick injuries in dogs

Many dogs love to carry, chew and chase after sticks. However, did you know that their seemingly playful habit can end in tears? We’ve had a case of a stick injury this week in the clinic. Stick injuries in dogs can result in serious infections of the mouth and pharynx. Sticks can lacerate the delicate […]

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Parvo alert!

We’ve been treating an outbreak of parvo virus this week in a beautiful litter of pedigree puppies. They presented with upset tummies at 12 weeks old. One by one they succumbed and I had to make a difficult phone call to the owner to break the news of the diagnosis. We treated the puppies in […]

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What do pets need?

Hi All, we’ve been seeing lots of cute puppies and kittens in recent weeks and owners always ask us .. What should we be doing? Here’s A shortlist of ten top things you need to organise For your pet .. 1. Veterinary exam for your new pet to check their general health 2. Vaccinations are […]

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Veterinary dentistry is vital!

Hi all, as part of my first caseload I’ve seen a lot of dogs and cats coming in with moderate to severe dental disease. Regular dental checks with your vet are an essential part of maintaining their health. Aged animals suffer terrible pain and discomfort from infected teeth.. And they don’t often complain. They just […]

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Busy first few weeks at Park Pets

Well it’s been a whirlwind opening here at Park Pets! We have had super clients and pets registering from all over the region. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the folks of Kinnegad, Edenderry, Rochfortbridge, Broadford and Clonard to our facilities and service. We’ve treated some seriously difficult cases with great outcomes. If […]

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