Consultations by appointment


Consultations with the vet are by appointment where possible.

Consultations are at the very heart of what we do. First of all we listen to what you have to say. Then we give your pet a gentle yet thorough examination including eye and ear exam, oral exam to check teeth, skin and coat assessment, a heart and lungs check and abdominal palpation.

Then it’s time to be a detective. The animals can’t tell us what’s wrong, but if we listen carefully and ask the right questions, we can narrow down a list of differential diagnoses in our heads. Then, we apply any findings from our clinical exam. We discuss further investigations with you, if necessary, and devise treatment options tailored to each condition and each pet.


We accept second opinions, and we offer in house and external laboratory testing, radiography, dentistry and surgery.

Our consultation fee is currently 37 euro.

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