Caesarean section

img_2441At Park Pets we are very experienced at caesarean sections. Our vet Fionnuala trained in the Royal Veterinary College under top U.K. specialist soft tissue surgeons during her internship, where she was taught excellent surgical skills for general practice. Fionnuala was employed by the Royal Veterinary College for 3 1/2 years as a clinical teacher in surgery and general first opinion practice. She has a wealth of experience with difficult breeds such as British Bulldogs.

At Park Pets we recommend a check up for all breeding bitches early in the pregnancy. We educate our breeders on methods of taking rectal temperature to help to recognise onset of labour.

During the last week of pregnancy temperature drop will precede onset of labour.

At Park Pets we understand that speed is key to survival for mum and pups. We are a very experienced team. We use rapid and safe induction of anaesthesia with a protocol similar to that used in paediatric medicine; we give the dam fluids intravenously; we operate in a sterile theatre with good illumination. We try to elevate all pups from a single incision in the body of the uterus. We use a special inverting suture closure to preserve uterine function. We recover the bitch quickly, administer oxytocin, and discharge bitch and pups within a short time to minimise stress and discomfort for the recovering mum.

We are experienced with C-sections in difficult breeds such as British Bulldog and French Bulldog and achieve excellent outcomes. We are proficient in placing ET tubes in these difficult breeds safely and in recovering them by supplementing oxygen. We monitor all bitches intraoperatively with a pulse oximeter. Overall we have a great track record of performing C-sections safely.

This bitch had accidentally been mated to a much larger dog and was in trouble

This bitch had accidentally been mated to a much larger dog and was in trouble