Vet emergencies

24 hour care when you need it most

Park Pets Veterinary Clinic is unique. The owner and Principle is only a stone’s throw away. We have access to 24 hour nursing and veterinary care based at our practice, which is very rare for first opinion services in Ireland. Dr Fionnuala Fallon MVB received advanced training during a specialised internship year under the emergency and critical care team at the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1998, and worked as a staff clinician and n both emergency and first opinion work for a number of years. She is very experienced and calm under pressure.

We are equipped with ultrasound, digital radiography, in-house biochemistry and haematology, kennelling and isolation facilities, intravenous fluid pumps, cutting edge theatre and monitoring equipment.

We can rapidly assess emergencies and are proficient in emergency soft tissue surgery, c-sections, trauma patients, ocular and medical emergencies. We have an orthopaedic specialist working with the practice who can undertake orthopaedic work.







If you have an emergency you can call us on 044 9391603.

During periods when our vets are resting, or operating, or we are taking some rest, we also partner with Mi Night Vet Kildare. This excellent service has vets and nurses on duty all night and all weekend. Their number is 045 530556.

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