Pet Neutering


At Park Pets we recommend neutering for all pets. Pets live more contented and happy lives without the drive to reproduce. Neutering has been shown to reduce the risk of mammary cancer and womb infections in female dogs. At Park Pets Veterinary Clinic, we give all pets a free pre operative check and assessment for surgery. Dr Fionnuala Fallon taught neutering techniques in the Royal Veterinary College, London, and is a very experienced surgeon.

For dogs, we recommend neutering at about six months of age. They are young, fit and healthy and they can have their surgery before their first heat.

Once they have a heat, it is better to wait 8 weeks prior to operating. This is because the blood supply to the uterus increases dramatically around the time of heats, and so the surgical risk of haemhorrhage is higher .

At Park Pets we have invested in the very best anaesthesia equipment available. We have a vacuum autoclave to sterilise our surgical instruments. We have a ceiling mounted theatre light for very bright surgical illumination. We have a dedicated qualified veterinary nurse monitoring the anaesthetic.

We have a special interest in neutering and we place great emphasis on pain relief and keeping our patients comfortable. Please call 044 9391603 to book a visit for a free pre-operative check.

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