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Interesting case – a ball lodged in pharynx

A colleague in Albuquerque working in an emergency centre solved this great case overnight. This doggy presented with mild respiratory distress; but was otherwise ok. A radiograph revealed his favourite ball lodged in his pharynx. It’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball; and perfectly shaped to lodge in his throat. The quick thinking team gave […]

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Repair of dislocated hip

Hannibal had a traumatic hip dislocation just after Christmas. He’s a giant breed, and sadly his only real option was orthopaedic surgery. We can try to relocate hips and put these dogs in a sling; but they almost always come out again. Even though it’s the worst time of year for having unexpected bills, his […]

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Skin disease in dogs

A lecture by Dr Fionnuala Fallon. We were recently invited to lecture on skin disease at the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association annual conference.  We put together a slideshow explaining our approach to skin disease, which you are welcome to view. Please click the links below to download the presentation Powerpoint files. dermatology lecture

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Do animals feel pain the way we do?

A client said something to me this week that really resonates with me. “Will she feel pain from her operation”? Now that’s a great question. The answer in my clinic is NO! All of our routine surgeries get morphine derived painkillers and a second class of drug too that lasts 24 hours. We send them […]

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Christmas drama – dog Electrocuted!

Well we certainly had an eventful Christmas. Along with the usual plethora of gastric upsets and respiratory infections we were presented with a dog who had been electrocuted. Frank Called me at 3.30am Christmas night. He had been out walking his new rescue American Akita dog in Edenderry at 3am, as you do. The dog […]

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All creatures great and small

Bolt the hawk presented to me today. He had been out hunting and got into a fight with a feral cat. The cat made a tiny scratch on his foot. His owner cleaned the wound and sprayed it with iodine but it seemed painful and was getting worse. He wouldn’t put the foot down. Bolt […]

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Tiny little hamster with a tiny cast in his tiny arm

Small furries – diseases and cures

I’ve had lots of small furries through the door this week. I just love this picture I found on Reddit! It makes me laugh and it also makes a point. Exotic pets such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, rats and ferrets are some of my favourite little guys to treat. Anything a cat or […]

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