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Haemothorax – an emergency

Well Bob caused utter chaos in our little practice in Kinnegad yesterday! Of course I’m away in New York.. and one year old Bob; a golden retriever, presents in a critical condition with severe breathing difficulties. My team were doing a brilliant job diagnosing him when I called from the High Line walk in NYC […]

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Puppy saved from drowning

Cali has given me several sleepless nights. She’s still in intensive care; but she is out of the woods. She’s only a baby at eight weeks old. She presented on Friday evening after a very unfortunate accident. Being a mischievous and curious and silly puppy; she climbed into a mop bucket with bleach water, and […]

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Rubber duck foreign body!

This doggy decided to snack on a ducky. Maybe not such a great idea. Especially if you swallow him whole! He’s a lucky boy to survive resection and anastomosis; which involves resecting a portion of intestine and suturing the ends back together. Ouch!

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Mr. Loween was in today, his two pets needed veterinary attention after a tragic bank holiday weekend horror. He loves them to death. The bangers frightened the actual life out of them. Hal (Mr. Loween) was inconsolable and our nurse Avril tried to reassure him. Things turned ugly and he went feral, biting Avril’s hand […]

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BOAS surgery clinics

We had an airway clinic yesterday; where we assessed three brachycephalic dogs for airway surgery. BOAS (bracycephalic airway syndrome) is very life limiting, causing difficulty breathing and severe discomfort to affected dogs. Where there is laboured breathing on excitement or exercise, an assessment by an experienced vet will often result in a recommendation for corrective […]

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Ligament damage – hock – orthopedics

Poor Molly sustained horrific injuries to the soft tissues and bones of her hind leg. Her owners don’t know what happened; but she disappeared from home and came back with a severely infected, dislocated and fractured hock joint. There were entry wounds on either side; and oil on her coat. We think she got caught […]

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Cystine bladder stones in a French bulldog

Rico caused some consternation on August 12th. We were just about to finalise packing for our first overseas holiday in 12 years with the kids; when Rico presented as an emergency. He couldn’t pee!   We explained how serious this is; and got to work. We passed a urinary catheter ; but it met an […]

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TPLO surgery – cruciate disease

Dara came to us for acupuncture for a very sore leg; and we were delighted to help. Acupuncture is incredibly useful for neural pain and osteoarthritic pain; but it’s of limited use where there is a mechanical lameness. I was suspicious of cruciate disease when I examined her. We requested all of the notes and […]

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Dog attack

Larry has stolen all of our hearts. He’s a little old man of twelve years. He was savagely attacked by an unknown dog and he was found at the back door with a life threatening wound to his chest wall. We had to do emergency surgery to restore the integrity of his intercostal muscles and […]

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Geriatric cancer surgery

Louise is extra special. Her family knows why ❤️She sadly developed mammary cancer, and then had a complication with an inguinal hernia. Although she is old; we assessed her risk and recommended radical surgery without any hesitation. A lot of clients worry about anaesthetics in older pets; but there’s no need to be concerned! We […]

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