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Covid update

The pandemic is such a long haul. Everybody is tired of it; and complacency can be seen everywhere. The beaches were packed this weekend. Whilst I understand that young people, in particular, are fed up and need social supports; our population is still vulnerable to variants and climbing numbers. We are so lucky on this […]

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Puppy socialisation

We’ve registered hundreds of new puppies since the start of the pandemic. I am a little afraid, at times, that I might see some of these dotes back for undesirable behavioural issues before long. Socialisation of puppies, particularly with children, needs to be done very carefully with a lot of time commitment to getting it […]

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Client advice

One of our CCTV cameras catches sunrise every morning. Beautiful! The R401 is a treacherous road for ice. If you’re travelling to us please take care. We don’t mind if you’re late, as long as you’re safe. The locals know the black ice spots on our road, and we all drive like snails in this […]

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Christmas miracle

Every year we have a little Christmas miracle case. This year it’s Luna, a frightened, paralysed stray kitten. Luna was brought to us with a sad history. She was collapsed and her front limbs were completely paralysed. She had been found in a ditch. Initially she was perfect, but she grew weak after two days, […]

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Ivermectin poisoning

Ivermectin poisoning

We have a very unusual case last week. A farm doggy got access to a sheep drug called ivermectin. There was a dented canister and we’re pretty sure he licked some. No critical comments please! Accidents happen all the time; and his owners were kind enough to let us share his case, hoping that might […]

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Foreign body surgery

Teddy had his Christmas dinner early. Except it wasn’t dinner. It was a big glove. And it got stuck. He didn’t tell anyone; but he started to feel funny, and decided he wouldn’t get out of his basket. His tummy hurt. He presented yesterday with a very sad face. His owners had no idea what […]

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Busy on call shift

Blackie caused a commotion here last Thursday night. His owners called to say he had cut his foot; and they were very distressed on arrival. It was dark outside; and I couldn’t see them very well. When we brought Blackie inside; I was immediately worried. He was pouring blood. He had severed an artery and […]

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Covid 19 update

*Level 5 restrictions – we’ll be here for you and your pet, no matter what!* As frustrating as this situation is for everybody, and as Level 5 restrictions are imposed, we can reassure you that veterinary services will continue to be provided here in Park, Kinnegad for all of the pets under our care, in […]

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Brexit and pet passports

Brexit is fast approaching. For any pet owners travelling to or from the UK or Northern Ireland in 2021 it’s advisable to get a course of rabies vaccination now and get rabies serology testing done at an external laboratory. This allows time for vaccine failures or failed results. It’s best to get a course of […]

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These little puppers ran into trouble being born; so we had to perform an emergency c-section to save them and their mum. Here they are safe and sound little beauties. They’re just 20 minutes old and giving each other kisses. They’re looking for mammy. She’s safe and well recovering in some warm blankets. They’ll get […]

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