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Covid 19 update

*Level 5 restrictions – we’ll be here for you and your pet, no matter what!* As frustrating as this situation is for everybody, and as Level 5 restrictions are imposed, we can reassure you that veterinary services will continue to be provided here in Park, Kinnegad for all of the pets under our care, in […]

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Brexit and pet passports

Brexit is fast approaching. For any pet owners travelling to or from the UK or Northern Ireland in 2021 it’s advisable to get a course of rabies vaccination now and get rabies serology testing done at an external laboratory. This allows time for vaccine failures or failed results. It’s best to get a course of […]

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These little puppers ran into trouble being born; so we had to perform an emergency c-section to save them and their mum. Here they are safe and sound little beauties. They’re just 20 minutes old and giving each other kisses. They’re looking for mammy. She’s safe and well recovering in some warm blankets. They’ll get […]

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New vet joins our team!

**COVID-19 update With kids back to school, and workplaces increasing services and needing employees to travel again, we have re-opened our evening clinics to facilitate our clients. We are excited that our new vet, Dr. Ian Rountree MVB has joined us. We’ll love to give Ian a warm welcome into our team, and we think […]

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Use of acupuncture in practice

We met Daisy a few weeks ago. She developed a genetic condition as a puppy which resulted in the blood supply to the head of her femur (thigh bone) becoming compromised. Legge calve perthes is a sad condition; because surgery is needed on welfare grounds. Daisy was originally meant to be an agility doggy; so […]

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Covid update

**COVID-19 Update** Well this is going on a long time now isn’t it! Some clients are wondering can they come inside the clinic yet. The short answer is no! Not unless we invite you in. It’s not that you’re vampires. We just can’t take the risk of contracting Covid or we have to close and […]

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Louie was the victim of an attempted robbery this week in Kinnegad. There was a cable tie on the gate; chalk markings in the ground; and he was barking loudly in the night. He was given drugs the first night, and they tried to take him the second night. The thieves were disturbed and ran […]

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Soft tissue trauma

Darling Molly had a run in with a mechanical vehicle which caused a severe soft tissue trauma. She is really very lucky though; her triage assessment included an orthopaedic exam; survey radiographs to check for internal damage; and a neurological assessment. Although her injury was gruesome and severe; it was successfully closed at emergency surgery; […]

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The secret gifts of the pandemic

The secret gifts of the pandemic We prepared very early. We locked down the clinic before the official lockdown was announced. This was because two of my three children were rushed to hospital on a Sunday night in early March with scary symptoms – one unable to breathe, and the other unable to walk. It […]

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Drug toxicity in a puppy

I was delighted to say good morning to this little dote. This is one of a litter of three adorable mixed breed puppies, who were due their first vaccinations before going to their new homes yesterday. Just before their appointment, this little one collapsed. On arrival at the clinic the puppy was limp and barely […]

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