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Louie was the victim of an attempted robbery this week in Kinnegad. There was a cable tie on the gate; chalk markings in the ground; and he was barking loudly in the night. He was given drugs the first night, and they tried to take him the second night. The thieves were disturbed and ran […]

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Soft tissue trauma

Darling Molly had a run in with a mechanical vehicle which caused a severe soft tissue trauma. She is really very lucky though; her triage assessment included an orthopaedic exam; survey radiographs to check for internal damage; and a neurological assessment. Although her injury was gruesome and severe; it was successfully closed at emergency surgery; […]

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The secret gifts of the pandemic

The secret gifts of the pandemic We prepared very early. We locked down the clinic before the official lockdown was announced. This was because two of my three children were rushed to hospital on a Sunday night in early March with scary symptoms – one unable to breathe, and the other unable to walk. It […]

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Drug toxicity in a puppy

I was delighted to say good morning to this little dote. This is one of a litter of three adorable mixed breed puppies, who were due their first vaccinations before going to their new homes yesterday. Just before their appointment, this little one collapsed. On arrival at the clinic the puppy was limp and barely […]

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When I decamped from city life in Dublin to Park, Kinnegad to begin a new life, it was a huge departure for myself and my husband Shane. I went to school on St Stephen’s Green where I studied hard to get the 595 points needed for vet school. Places were few, and competition was tough. […]

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Osteosarcoma in a rottie

This is Tara. We were very shocked to diagnose her with a bone tumour two weeks ago. She’s only five. Tara presented initially with a limp which didn’t get better despite very strong pain medication. I was immediately alarmed. Rotties are over-represented when it comes to bone tumours. An X-ray confirmed my fears. Delivering such […]

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Cleft palate puppy

We delivered a special puppy a few days ago by emergency section. She’s the smallest one of a prize litter of six frenchies. During her health check I sadly discovered a cleft palate. This defect can occur in dogs as well as humans and other species, and in nature these would die from starvation. They […]

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Management of uterine haemorrhage

Floss needed help to deliver a precious bundle over the weekend. At emergency section, she had a complication . Before closing her abdomen, I wasn’t happy with a slow bleed from one site on her uterine wall. It was where we peeled the placenta away of the little puppy with the cleft palate in a […]

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Interesting case – a ball lodged in pharynx

A colleague in Albuquerque working in an emergency centre solved this great case overnight. This doggy presented with mild respiratory distress; but was otherwise ok. A radiograph revealed his favourite ball lodged in his pharynx. It’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball; and perfectly shaped to lodge in his throat. The quick thinking team gave […]

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Repair of dislocated hip

Hannibal had a traumatic hip dislocation just after Christmas. He’s a giant breed, and sadly his only real option was orthopaedic surgery. We can try to relocate hips and put these dogs in a sling; but they almost always come out again. Even though it’s the worst time of year for having unexpected bills, his […]

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