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TPLO surgery – cruciate disease

Dara came to us for acupuncture for a very sore leg; and we were delighted to help. Acupuncture is incredibly useful for neural pain and osteoarthritic pain; but it’s of limited use where there is a mechanical lameness. I was suspicious of cruciate disease when I examined her. We requested all of the notes and […]

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Dog attack

Larry has stolen all of our hearts. He’s a little old man of twelve years. He was savagely attacked by an unknown dog and he was found at the back door with a life threatening wound to his chest wall. We had to do emergency surgery to restore the integrity of his intercostal muscles and […]

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Geriatric cancer surgery

Louise is extra special. Her family knows why ❤️She sadly developed mammary cancer, and then had a complication with an inguinal hernia. Although she is old; we assessed her risk and recommended radical surgery without any hesitation. A lot of clients worry about anaesthetics in older pets; but there’s no need to be concerned! We […]

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The work of our RVNs

Poor Bruno had been in the wars with a really persistent ear problem. He had to attend an out of hours service a few weeks back; but his problem relapsed; and he came to see us during the week.   He developed an aural haematoma; which is a huge swelling filled with serous (blood tinged) […]

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Renal failure puppy

We had a very sick puppy brought to us last week. She had been seen at another practice, and she was under treatment for an upset tummy, but she had become very dehydrated. All seemed fairly routine until we ran her bloods. Shockingly she was in severe kidney failure. All the other pups in her […]

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Stone foreign body

Millie presented with loss of appetite and vomiting. She doesn’t usually eat anything she shouldn’t; but she must have decided to try munching on a stone; just for the fun of it. Bad idea 🤦‍♀️ We assessed her bloods and took a survey radiograph. We could just immediately see a mineralised foreign body lodged in […]

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Bladder uroliths

Marley was sent to us from a lovely practice in Cavan. He was quietly making bladder stones for years; but they had recently lodged themselves firmly in his urethra. They were stuck. This is painful. Stones can also be the source of urinary tract infections. Even worse, they have the potential to obstruct the urinary […]

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Covid update

Well the covid numbers seem to be rising rapidly and the ICU beds are starting to fill. I’m sure everyone is just as dismayed as I am; that inoculations haven’t stopped the spread. I sense more restrictions coming soon; which is enormously disappointing. We’re still consulting outside. Some clinics brought clients back inside; but I […]

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Newborn frenchie pups

Frenchies born at c-section

These beauties surprised their owner tonight with a sudden arrival; all platinum frenchies. We were busy unblocking a cat with an obstructed urethra when the call for help came in. We had to intervene to help save the puppies after the mum delivered two; but the next one was breach. She was stuck. She was […]

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Covid update

The pandemic is such a long haul. Everybody is tired of it; and complacency can be seen everywhere. The beaches were packed this weekend. Whilst I understand that young people, in particular, are fed up and need social supports; our population is still vulnerable to variants and climbing numbers. We are so lucky on this […]

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