Bilateral Cranial Cruciate Repair – dog

We do a lot of cruciate repairs; and this case would break your heart! This little doggy is only five weeks post op on the first side; and healing beautifully; from TTA surgery.. which involves implanting a titanium implant and reconstructing the stifle joint. But he’s lame again!

We admitted him for sedation and radiographs; and to our dismay; we discovered that the other cruciate has also ruptured! We’ll go ahead and repair the second side. This dog is only five years old; he has a long and happy life ahead. His condition is genetic.. he was predisposed to cruciate disease through his breeding. This really saddens us; but it’s all too common.

These owners, very luckily, have pet insurance; and they are covered under their policy. It’s a terrible shock if they’re not; and there are some inexpensive options to repair ruptured cruciates; but it’s always a relief for us when we know that the best option is affordable.

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