interlocking suture tendon repair – dog

Cola was rushed to us as an emergency with severed arteries and tendons. She sustained an horrific injury in long grass near her home.

Her story made it into the local newspapers. She was happily bounding around on her walk when her foot was slashed open by a glass bottle. She emerged from the grass pouring blood and her poor owner went into a panic. It was very scary.

This particular field in Edenderry had been let grow as part of “no mow may” for biodiversity; but residents claimed it hadn’t been cut for a long time before May and it was totally unkempt. It had become a danger to children and animals from glass debris; and worse. We are huge fans of biodiversity; but community safety must be upheld with these initiatives. Glass and debris should be cleared from community areas before grass is allowed to grow long to support insects and wildlife.

We had a difficult reconstruction to do over two complex surgeries. Initially we assessed it and flushed the wound; but there was a flexor tendon sliced in half. This meant that two digits had sprung up and they had lost function for balance and weight bearing.. This required an interlocking suture repair in a second surgery; wound reconstruction, and then total immobilisation with a splint.

Cola is attending all checkups and splint changes. So far so good and we are happy with the healing. She may be signed off next week and allowed to return to gentle exercise.

The field has been cut and cleaned up; so we hear. I dread to think what could happen to a child under the same circumstances.last week