Parvo alert!

imageWe’ve been treating an outbreak of parvo virus this week in a beautiful litter of pedigree puppies. They presented with upset tummies at 12 weeks old. One by one they succumbed and I had to make a difficult phone call to the owner to break the news of the diagnosis.

We treated the puppies in an isolation unit where we had strict barrier nursing and infection control measures.  With this aggressive disease there is only a 30 percent survival rate. We battled this horrific condition for five days. Pup after pup got sick then bounced back then weakened again. I used every tonic, treatment and skill I had. They had intravenous fluids, anti vomiting medications, antibiotics, homeopathy, herbal remedies. The owner and I worked around the clock whilst phases of the virus attacked the poor puppies in waves. When they were failing and wouldn’t eat we syringed egg whites into them. In the end we proudly saved them all but one.

Please vaccinate your dogs to prevent this horrible disease.

Our recommendations are
1.All dogs, of every age, must have a full course of vaccinations given two weeks apart and by a veterinary surgeon against Parvovirus before being allowed outside their own home.
2. All dogs must have a booster vaccination against Parvovirus every 12 months for life, to ensure that they remain fully protected.
3. Vaccinations must be administered in the correct way, at the correct age, using the correct vaccine. If in doubt, ask your local veterinary surgeon.

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