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Bilateral Cranial Cruciate Repair – dog

We do a lot of cruciate repairs; and this case would break your heart! This little doggy is only five weeks post op on the first side; and healing beautifully; from TTA surgery.. which involves implanting a titanium implant and reconstructing the stifle joint. But he’s lame again! We admitted him for sedation and radiographs; […]

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Emergency c-section French bulldog

Well we had a game of Easter bunny this year.. but instead of chocolate eggs we delivered some puppies! The mum was in trouble. Labour had not progressed. A radiograph showed a large litter! These doggies certainly keep us on our toes. Mum and pups all well thank goodness.

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Haemothorax – an emergency

Well Bob caused utter chaos in our little practice in Kinnegad yesterday! Of course I’m away in New York.. and one year old Bob; a golden retriever, presents in a critical condition with severe breathing difficulties. My team were doing a brilliant job diagnosing him when I called from the High Line walk in NYC […]

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Dog attack

Larry has stolen all of our hearts. He’s a little old man of twelve years. He was savagely attacked by an unknown dog and he was found at the back door with a life threatening wound to his chest wall. We had to do emergency surgery to restore the integrity of his intercostal muscles and […]

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Drug toxicity in a puppy

I was delighted to say good morning to this little dote. This is one of a litter of three adorable mixed breed puppies, who were due their first vaccinations before going to their new homes yesterday. Just before their appointment, this little one collapsed. On arrival at the clinic the puppy was limp and barely […]

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Parvo alert!

We’ve been treating an outbreak of parvo virus this week in a beautiful litter of pedigree puppies. They presented with upset tummies at 12 weeks old. One by one they succumbed and I had to make a difficult phone call to the owner to break the news of the diagnosis. We treated the puppies in […]

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Busy first few weeks at Park Pets

Well it’s been a whirlwind opening here at Park Pets! We have had super clients and pets registering from all over the region. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the folks of Kinnegad, Edenderry, Rochfortbridge, Broadford and Clonard to our facilities and service. We’ve treated some seriously difficult cases with great outcomes. If […]

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