Feline leukaemia

We’ve sadly had three cases of feline leukaemia confirmed in the clinic in our opening month. This is a virus that affects unvaccinated cats. It is spread by fighting and biting. Kittens can also be born with it as it can cross the placenta during pregnancy. This virus cannot affect humans.

Feline leukaemia can cause a raft of symptoms in cats; and can also give rise to viral tumours. Whenever I see a young cat with unusual symptoms such as a large kidney or chronic eye ulcers, I immediately recommend a test. unneutered stray toms are a big risk to pet cats and just one bite from an infected male could transfer the disease.

We can test for this and for feline aids in the clinic using a snap test. We only need a few drops of blood to perform the test, and we get results in ten minutes.

We can vaccinate against feline leukaemia. At Park Pets we recommend that all outdoor cats have feline leukaemia vaccination.

For more information please phone 0449391603.

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