What do pets need?

Hi All, we’ve been seeing lots of cute puppies and kittens in recent weeks and owners always ask us .. What should we be doing? Here’s A shortlist of ten top things you need to organise For your pet ..

1. Veterinary exam for your new pet to check their general health

2. Vaccinations are critical. We’ve seen an outbreak of parvovirus this week in a litter of puppies. There’s only a 30% survival rate. Don’t take the risk!

3. Microchip your pet in case they decide to have an adventure and go missing! It’s terrifying when they don’t come home.. At least with a microchip you have a good chance of getting them back.

4 flea and tick prevention.. Use a monthly spot on

5. Worming regularly at least every three months

6. Choose good quality food. This needn’t cost the earth. With good food you feed less. Look at cost per day not cost of the bag!!

7. Dental care is vital. Learn to brush your pet’s teeth or give dental enzymes chews

8 training is a great idea; or joining agility groups. Dogs are clever and they like stimulation and exercise

9. Toilet training is crucial to your relationship. Make sure you get it right early. Your veterinary nurse can advise.

10. Choose indestructible toys and play and have fun! We recommend kong extreme toys for dogs. Cats love fishing rods and hunting play.


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