Covid 19 update

*Level 5 restrictions – we’ll be here for you and your pet, no matter what!*

As frustrating as this situation is for everybody, and as Level 5 restrictions are imposed, we can reassure you that veterinary services will continue to be provided here in Park, Kinnegad for all of the pets under our care, in the same manner as we have been doing since March.

Since early March, Park Pets Veterinary Clinic has effectively been operating Level 5-style strict protocols and we are confident we can continue to operate in the same way as winter approaches – this is a ‘new normal’ – just for now.

You are allowed to travel further than 5k for veterinary visits, and we can send you an email confirming your appointment to produce at Garda checkpoints if you are worried.

To remind you of our current protocols:

All client interaction is outside under our hurricane proof shelter; which we installed last month in anticipation of these events unfolding. Please keep a good distance from staff.

All visits are by appointment only. We’ll guide you through your visit on arrival.

Thank you for being so understanding and for your wonderful support. Our ‘closed door’ policy is the safest way for us to provide a full level of care. We must reduce the risk of disease transmission at our premises, and also reduce the risk of us having to close if any our staff contracts the virus.

Don’t forget a sick vet or vet nurse means no vet service.

Very soon, leading scientists around the world will find a way for us to get back to being able to do all the little things we took for granted. Winter is going to be a challenge, but I think the government’s approach is right – it’s essential to prevent our health service from being overwhelmed by critical patients who need intensive management.

From all our team here – the wonderful Ian, amazing Melissa, fantabulous Niamh, and simply gorgeous Chloe, Jess and Ciara – we send our best wishes to you and your families. We promise you that, with a lot of sanitising and care, we will remain here for you and your pets no matter what happens.

Dr Fionnuala Fallon MVB