Covid update

**COVID-19 Update**

Well this is going on a long time now isn’t it! Some clients are wondering can they come inside the clinic yet. The short answer is no! Not unless we invite you in.

It’s not that you’re vampires. We just can’t take the risk of contracting Covid or we have to close and leave a lot of people without their vet.

The best way we can keep staff safe is by keeping you all al fresco.

We’ve just completed the outdoor kennel installation which will make it easier for you to entrust your doggy to us whilst still social distancing. It has a roof so if it’s raining we can keep dry. Some checkups can also be done outside!

We’re also installing a covered walkway along the side of the practice which will serve as a dry shelter for waiting and chatting to your vets and vet nurses whilst remaining at a good distance; but still in a well ventilated area. Works should start next week.

We’re preparing for the winter. With schools opening; this vet thinks there’ll be a lot of disruption in all of our lives with clusters and outbreaks. We’ll do our best to keep looking after you all, with understanding and care.

We know it’s not easy out there, and that people are scared. Pandemics eventually fizzle out. Herd immunity will develop either through vaccines or widespread infection, and the virus won’t be able to spread so easily then. Until that happens; all you can do is keep sanitising your hands; keep social distancing; and wear your masks when appropriate.