Use of acupuncture in practice

We met Daisy a few weeks ago. She developed a genetic condition as a puppy which resulted in the blood supply to the head of her femur (thigh bone) becoming compromised. Legge calve perthes is a sad condition; because surgery is needed on welfare grounds. Daisy was originally meant to be an agility doggy; so that made things even worse.

She underwent surgery at another practice three years ago; but has become very lame on that leg. The surgery involves removing the head and neck if the femur, and a false joint is the result. It’s a very successful surgery, and results in a pain free and functional limb. Daisy developed some complications, though, and she has a short leg and muscle wastage around her hip. She came to us for acupuncture.

Our orthopaedic surgeon also took a look at the xrays. Some revision surgery could help matters; but we think we’ll manage her conservatively for now.

She has responded really well to four sessions of acupuncture and her limp has gone away again. I think there’s some contracture of her muscles in her hip; and so I have ordered a TENS machine from Europe to electrically stimulate the muscles of her hip region.

The unit should arrive next week, and my wonderful dad will come down to help us devise a treatment plan for Daisy. He’s more used to working with sports horses; but he’s an amazing vet and acupuncturist so I’m glad to collaborate with him to help Daisy.

She’s quite tiny; so I sourced a unit with small rubber pads that should work well; and mean we don’t have to shave her beautiful coat.

Fingers crossed we can keep her off the operating table!

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