Ligament damage – hock – orthopedics

Poor Molly sustained horrific injuries to the soft tissues and bones of her hind leg. Her owners don’t know what happened; but she disappeared from home and came back with a severely infected, dislocated and fractured hock joint. There were entry wounds on either side; and oil on her coat. We think she got caught in a trap!

Her surgical planning was extensive; and we had very difficult discussions about surgery versus amputation. This is a challenging case fraught with the risk of complications. We are hoping to restore excellent function; but injuries of this type are very complex.

Orthopaedic injuries are the stuff of nightmares for our clients; but we do our best to make surgery affordable.

Molly’s owners are amazing; and they opted to save her leg. She was in theatre a long time; having her leg reconstructed. We were so happy to see her walking out today! We’ll be watching her progress and looking after her every step of the way