BOAS surgery clinics

We had an airway clinic yesterday; where we assessed three brachycephalic dogs for airway surgery. BOAS (bracycephalic airway syndrome) is very life limiting, causing difficulty breathing and severe discomfort to affected dogs. Where there is laboured breathing on excitement or exercise, an assessment by an experienced vet will often result in a recommendation for corrective surgery.

Although a lot of breeds can be affected, bulldogs, pugs and frenchies are over-represented.

All three of our cases yesterday needed surgery, and we were thrilled to help. We performed surgery on two of them; with careful dissection and shortening of their soft palates; and we widened their little nostrils. We loved it!

Two cases were completed and sent home with improved breathing almost immediately. The third will have surgery at our next clinic next month. It will take a period of six weeks before the full results of surgery can be assessed; but most dogs will benefit from the correct intervention. Sometimes they sound a lot worse until all of their inflammation settles down.

If your doggy has laboured breathing, please seek advice from your local vet regarding possible treatment options.

Sadly though, some dogs are not good candidates for surgery – for example, they might have a hypo plastic trachea (too small) or they might be obese ; and so not all cases can have the benefit of corrective surgery.