The work of our RVNs

Poor Bruno had been in the wars with a really persistent ear problem. He had to attend an out of hours service a few weeks back; but his problem relapsed; and he came to see us during the week.


He developed an aural haematoma; which is a huge swelling filled with serous (blood tinged) inflammatory fluid in his ear. This is a serious problem, and traditionally needed a gruesome ear surgery. There are some other options now; including surgical drains; and a medical drainage technique; which are less painful and less invasive for our patients.

In our clinic, our nurses are at the forefront of everything we do. Nurses are highly trained and skilled professionals. They are allowed to perform some minor surgical procedures under the direct supervision of their vet. Our nurse Avril has a special interest in ears; and she can make a huge difference to the pain and comfort of our patients suffering from ear infections. She does most of the ear flushing here; and she’s totally meticulous. In this images, she’s draining the haematoma after surgically cleaning and prepping the ear.

Avril doesn’t really like being in pictures, so I had to ask her really gently could I post her picture here today. Avril is a brilliant nurse, and she helps our team in so many ways every day, and I think it’s important that our clients know that the whole team has inputs into every patient that we treat. Bruno felt much better after having his ear drained and treated. We’ll need to watch him closely to make sure his issues are fully resolved.