Geriatric cancer surgery

Louise is extra special. Her family knows why ❤️She sadly developed mammary cancer, and then had a complication with an inguinal hernia.

Although she is old; we assessed her risk and recommended radical surgery without any hesitation. A lot of clients worry about anaesthetics in older pets; but there’s no need to be concerned! We take extra special care of them.

She was brilliant. We took away all of her breast tissue in one side, performed an ovariohysterectomy and repaired a complex inguinal hernia – all in one surgery. I think in the HSE that would require a team of three different surgical specialists; and plastics; and high dependency care.., not to mention anaesthetists etc!

But Louise being Louise she recovered beautifully and was back home safely the next day. Her wounds are extensive but they’re healing perfectly. Our team of nurses and animal care staff are just so kind and caring; it’s lovely to see our older patients doing so well!