Covid update

The pandemic is such a long haul. Everybody is tired of it; and complacency can be seen everywhere. The beaches were packed this weekend. Whilst I understand that young people, in particular, are fed up and need social supports; our population is still vulnerable to variants and climbing numbers.

We are so lucky on this country. We had a medical doctor as Taoiseach when the virus started to spread. We may have endured an abominably long lockdown; but countries like India, Brazil and Peru are in absolute meltdown; mainly because of their leadership refusing to listen to science; and refusing to adequately prepare for this disaster. They allowed massive gatherings; and pretended the virus had abated. The US and UK also had weak leadership; leading to terrible surges and unnecessary suffering.

India is going through what every epidemiologist, every scientist, every healthcare worker, every concerned citizen of the world feared.. the overwhelming collapse of it’s healthcare system and loss of colossal magnitude. They have run out of drugs and oxygen in hospitals across the country. It’s heartbreaking.

Hopefully, in Ireland, we’ll all have the opportunity to be vaccinated soon; and we can keep this thing under control until then.

I never felt like I over-reacted from the start. We didn’t know what was coming; but we knew it was new; and that it was serious. I prepared for the worst; and hoped that would never happen. Thankfully, we have had no case of Covid in our team so far. We hope we can continue to stay safe and healthy.

God bless you all; and keep you and your families safe during these strange days. We’ll continue to be available for you and your pets; whilst maintaining our strict Covid protocols; until the mass vaccination programme suppresses the virus. I feel fully confident in our government and their advisors. It can’t be easy being in charge during a pandemic. Great patience is required by our age group; to remain safe and vigilant until such time as we can be vaccinated.

Best wishes to all of our clients and followers who are affected by this crisis; and to all those who have lost loved ones. It’s not over yet; but hopefully the vaccines will restore some normality for us all before too long. Through thick and thin; we’ll be here for you when you need us.