Puppy socialisation

We’ve registered hundreds of new puppies since the start of the pandemic. I am a little afraid, at times, that I might see some of these dotes back for undesirable behavioural issues before long.

Socialisation of puppies, particularly with children, needs to be done very carefully with a lot of time commitment to getting it right. Without putting the time in, and teaching children how to positively and safely interact with their new puppy, things can go very badly wrong. Time is one thing that homeschooling parents are short on; but it’s important to make a gap in busy schedules for puppy training.

I would propose that anybody with a new puppy in the house should drop a bit of schoolwork every day and replace it with some dog training education. If anybodys’ teachers have an issue with that; they can contact me. I think animal welfare modules should form part of the curriculum of all primary school children. A positive relationship with a family pet is a gift worth nurturing.

Mental health issues will be at the forefront of things as we recover from this ongoing crisis. The mental health of children everywhere should and will be our biggest priority. That pandemic puppy turning and biting your child out of stress and frustration would not help matters down the line. Hopefully this post might help even one family to avoid that tragic scenario.

There a wonderful site linked here teeming with resources to help new dog owners. With the pandemic, access to training is limited, and it can be difficult to access reliable resources.

If you have a new dog, or you’re thinking of getting a new dog, get yourself a cuppa and have a browse. Everybody can learn something on here.

you’ll find the resources at