When dogs are abandoned at the vets!

img_2486 well I had my first abandoned dog last night. Somebody drove up to the gates, threw a gorgeous little Jack Russell cross over the wall, and drove away leaving us to deal with the problem. I was away for the afternoon and so the poor dog was terrified and scared until I got back after dark to find it trapped within the grounds of the clinic.

It took a lot of coaxing to get near the little guy. A loose dog can attack with fear and it’s risky dealing with them. I was afraid he’d leap on to the main road in front of a car. After some time he let me pick him up.

We immediately scanned him, found a microchip, and tracked his owner through the europetnet database. He was over 50 miles away. He couldn’t tell how the dog ended up in Westmeath.

He told me he has no car, can’t get a lift, and would I mind dropping him home. Unfortunately with three kids under five and a practice to run single handedly, I wasn’t in a position to spend a few hours delivering him home. I regretfully told the owner I’d have to call the dog warden if he couldn’t arrange to come and collect him.

Our little temporary lodger tucked in to roast chicken from our dinner table and he spent a comfortable night before the sleet hit Kinnegad today. I’m hoping his owner will show up later and take him home.

The new microchipping laws will really help out vets who are left with abandoned dogs every day of the week up and down the country.

Meanwhile I’ll be checking our security cameras to see can I read the plates of the car that flung this little baby over the wall on a winters night.