Acupuncture at Park Pets helps older arthritic dogs to exercise again

img_2443At Park Pets we have had lots of old dogs coming to see us to help their arthritis. Arnie is a gorgeous 10 year old yellow lab that came down from Ballivor with a history of chronic arthritis, having had surgeries on both his knees when he was younger. He was always an active dog, but recently grew stiff and sore and stopped playing and wanting to go for walks.

We did five acupuncture sessions targeting points for arthritis and his immune system. His transformation is amazing. He’s a happy dog again post treatment and is building muscles back up around his hips. We also gave him green lipped muscle and chondroitin/glucosamine and a cutting edge painkiller at low dose. I’ve just discharged him from treatment because he’s doing so well and we’all see him again in three months.