Laparoscopic spay and gastropexy Kinnegad

We recently performed a laparoscopic spay on a deep chested breed; and we took the opportunity to pexy the stomach to the body wall. This means that a permanent attachment is made between the stomach and muscle ; preventing a life threatening condition where a stomach can twist on its axis.

We’ve had to save a number of dogs in recent years that presented with GDV including Burnese mountain dogs; Great Danes and basset hounds. Deep chested breeds are at risk for this condition. When the stomach twists; it causes a life threatening shock and systemic collapse. It’s a race against time to save them.

You can see the attachment of the stomach to the body wall in the first few seconds on the video; which you can find on our Facebook page. The camera swishes around then and a purple spleen comes into view.

It’s a good idea to pexy high risk breeds at the time of their spay. A traditional technique would result in a massive incision; whereas lapascopy is minimally invasive.

It’s not every day you can see these secret places! Our clients are just brilliant; and this procedure means this patient got maximum benefit from the availability of laparoscopic techniques.