Christmas drama – dog Electrocuted!

Well we certainly had an eventful Christmas. Along with the usual plethora of gastric upsets and respiratory infections we were presented with a dog who had been electrocuted. Frank Called me at 3.30am Christmas night. He had been out walking his new rescue American Akita dog in Edenderry at 3am, as you do. The dog brushed against a lamp post. She let out a loud howl and collapsed. The electric shock travelled up the lead and Frank felt it too.

Electrocution can be very serious in both humans and dogs. The most immediate danger is from irregular heartbeats which can cause collapse. Burns can be a life threatening scenario; and we commonly see lung damage in dogs as a result.

Within hours Kia had developed life threatening pulmonary oedema. We treated her with emergency drugs to shift the fluid off her chest. I sent her home once she was out of danger, but her owner was really fretting and worried, so I admitted Kia to hospital for several days to monitor her closely.

Electrocution can cause seizures and internal damage during the days following the event. Animals can develop a vast array of complications.

Kia had an upset bowel as a result and needed further care to stabilise her.

Kia was discharged from the clinic abd returned home after three days of IMG_2916intensive care. She luckily survived and has had no long term damage.