Repair of dislocated hip

Hannibal had a traumatic hip dislocation just after Christmas. He’s a giant breed, and sadly his only real option was orthopaedic surgery. We can try to relocate hips and put these dogs in a sling; but they almost always come out again.

Even though it’s the worst time of year for having unexpected bills, his owner was a big hero and wanted to fix Hannibal’s leg.

Our amazing surgeon took Hannibal to theatre for two hours and managed (with difficulty; these are really difficult surgeries).. to relocate his hip and replace his ligament with a synthetic repair. This means Hannibal should have complete function, and indeed he’s walking on it already.

You can see the metalwork in the post op X-ray; and that the hip is back in the ball and socket joint.

Hannibal actually gave us a smile today when he got his buster collar off! What a champ! He needs to follow a strict resting protocol for a while; but he’s out of the woods and in the mend.